April 1st.

Happy Easter, yawl.

It has been a while since I have updated this. Sometimes, life gets ahold of me and drains me. I currently am hung over so I’m going to make this quick.

At work: Since the write up, I have been focusing on being the patients as much as possible. We have had no issues and it seemed that teamwork and flow was going great. Apparently, that was not the case. This past week, I had my head assistant title taken from me and one of the girls was fired because of continued lies. Her story is not mine to tell but I will speak on my story. I was told that it would be better if there was no head assistant and that there is no teamwork or work flow in the office. It was also brought to my attention that the doctor and I may have something going on outside of the office. Farfetched lies. I don’t have the dr. number, have never spoke to him about making plans or invited him to anything outside of work, and rarely speak to him about anything outside of patients. Then I was told that if it is not true, then to not make a big deal about it. Which is unacceptable because it is a big deal that a lie like that was made and is going around the office in the first place. Then, I was told that I went to another office to talk about my write up and while it is my business to talk about, they don’t think I should be telling people about it. Well, I told them, they are correct it is my business and I will talk to whomever I please about it. I wasn’t talking poorly about the company in any way. After having the title of head assistant taken, I was told to show the other assistant how to do the paperwork duties so we can split the load. I have shown her before and I just seems to me that maybe they are going to make her head assistant and she wants the title. Either way, I am happy and sad about losing the title. Happy because I was never hired to be head assistant. I didn’t want the title. I just want to work on patients and go home. I didn’t want the extra paperwork and behind the scene stuff. But sad because I was gaining more experience but I don’t feel that I was properly trained or guided in what was expected in the company. I am grateful that they just pulled the title and didn’t fire me. I still have a job, although I dread work at the moment, it is a feeling that will pass.

Birthday: I’m 30 now. The bar crawl was kinda fun. It would have been better if I didn’t have to drive and it was better planned. I drank too much too fast at the beginning because I knew I was driving later, so I ended up sleeping in my car for 3 hours and missing most of the crawl. But my roommate and my friends had fun. Then, I did brunch on my birthday and day drank but again, I had to drive so I could be too crazy. But it was good. Then, the following weekend was my roommates birthday. Long story short, I only went out to drive my roommate around and then I waited 20 minutes at the bar to find out he had left and was at home already.

Hawaii: Shit, this Hawaii trip has snuck up after the last month of craziness. So, in 17 days, I will be on a plane to Hawaii. Starting tomorrow, I am starting juices every morning again (I fell off the wagon for the month). I am going to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday/Saturday. Then Tuesday and Thursday, I bowl so I will do a workout at the house. And change my meals. And I need to figure out what I am taking and the finer details of what we are doing out there.

Books: Still working on the story full of true historical facts. Its not bad or hard to read, I just haven’t been making time for it. I will prob start reading at lunch and the flight to and from Hawaii will free up some time to read/sleep.

Well, I have to clean house, do laundry, wash Malibu, run errands, meal prep and shower (Gawd I Stink!) before heading to work for the night. I hope you all enjoy your Easter and time with family.

Side note: I’m not proofreading this, sorry.

Love yawl.

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. - Jenn Proske


In A Mood.


I missed last week but there wasn’t much that happened that I needed to write about. Tried a few more juices but have missed this entire week this week. So, need to get it together and restart for the week.

One thing, I do need to vent about is Friday, I was blindsided by getting written up for not being with the patients as much as I should be and basically not being a team player. I was also asked to apologize to the other assistant. I signed the paperwork without a fight because I wasn’t expecting it and I was busy with patients. Normally, if I just vent to someone about it, I will feel better and then move on. But this time when I vented about it, it made me more upset that I have been working my buns off to get everything straighten behind the scenes and still seeing patients but I apparently have not in the eyes of everyone at the office. The part that irks me the most is that I am the one constantly working through lunch and after 530pm every day but I am “not with patients” so how does that work? And how am I so exhausted every day if all I am doing is sitting in front of a computer not getting anything done. All weekend I have woken up thinking about it and wondering were they saw that the other assistant had seen 90% of the patients, when on Monday, the office manager came up to me while I was with a patient and asked me why the hygiensts were sitting the patients and where the other assistant was. I would like to speak to the office manager and the dentist about it, but I feel like they never gave me the common courteous to let me know there was a problem.

I just need to save money and focus on housing and a job in central Florida. I have been in this state unwillingly for two years too long. I should have left the week after the break up. But I don’t regret it fully, I have made friends and memories and travelled.

Headed to brunch. Love food.

Sooooo…..I meant to reread and post that last night. But, I went to brunch and drank until work at 5. Then was told I was suppose to be there at 3. SMH. Thankfully, everyone was extremely chill and I just worked through the drunk and sobered up by the time I was leaving.

Also, meaning I have now been to work today. I didn’t talk to the doctor or the office manager. In the morning huddle, the office manager did address a few things that I was going to address with her and the doctor as well. So, I felt like it was a good start and just to leave it and see how and where it went. I didn’t get a lunch today and I also didn’t check my company email or check in any lab cases or check the schedule ahead of time because I didn’t want to sit in front of a computer too long. *sigh* I am exhausted and hungry as usual. Just three more days until the concert though. So, I am just counting the days until that.

12 more day until we head to Raleigh for the St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl and my birthday.
31 days until Hawaii for a week.
50 days until Orlando for a family trip/extended family (Cole, that’s you and the crew. Pony up).

Until next time,
Kim ❤

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4/5 juices.


This week I did four out of five of the juices. I drank them on an empty stomach before I ate breakfast.

Morning 1: I did the beet & berry liver cleanse by Bare Root Girl  http://barerootgirl.com/nourish/2013/8/19/raw-beet-berry-liver-cleanse-juice/
It was good. I personally would tone the ginger root down next time, it was too spicy for me so early in the morning. But other than that it was a great start to the juices. I have never had beets before. The broccoli was dried up so I don’t think it really even juiced, but it made about 4 cups. I also cut up all the veg and peeled the fruit the night before. Besides the blueberries, it was a good idea and saved some time.

Morning 2: Kale & Pineapple by Adore Foods
This recipe was great, not too much cutting and so I didn’t need to prepare the night before. My kale was dried up so I used a few extra leaves, but it still only made about 3 cups. But as nervous as I was about the kale juice, it was good. Better than in the past. I think the pineapple helped.

Morning 3: Cellulite and Fat killer by Vivien Veil
This Juice Melts Cellulite and Burns Fat
The recipe was just a lot of peeling the citrus and I am not a fan of grapefruit so I was nervous about the juice. However, it wasn’t bad. Again, I think the pineapple helped cut the bitterness. This juice made well over 7-8 cups. At one point my cup overflowed and I had to empty it into two glasses to finish the rest.

Morning 4: Belly Buster Green Juice by Linda Wagner
This juice was pretty to look at and tasted great. (see the picture on my Instagram @azn_km) I didn’t peel anything in this recipe and it wasn’t bitter at all.

Overall, I am pretty excited about this juices and I can’t wait to try more. I know my roommate is enjoying all the extras. Every morning, he goes to the fridge looking for his part. He was bummed Friday when I didn’t make a juice because I was sick. I eat veggies, not as much fruit, so I didn’t see a huge difference in energy but I did notice I stayed full longer. My stomach wasn’t growling at 10:30am like it usual does when I just eat breakfast. So, that’s nice. My roommate, however, rarely eats a daily serving of veggie or fruits. He says he felt energized after the first juice. I don’t know if it is just in his head or what but at least he is getting more beneficial things in his diet.

Have a great weekend,


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Getting ready.


Still extremely exhausted during the week. Working well over 5pm everyday, but it’s not as stress related since moving offices. So, that’s nice.

I finally purchased my tickets to Hawaii in April. So, its time to make time for the gym and healthy eating again. So, the plan is to go to the gym Satuday – Wednesday at 5am before work. I also wanted to try a juice every morning after the gym and before breakfast. But, I had a juicer before with my ex and it was not a great experience so I wasn’t wanting to spend a lot on a juicer. So, I went on craigslist just to see what was on there and there was a juicer for 25$!! I researched the model and new it is 150-200$. So, I figured it was fate that I got it and started the workout and juicing plan. So, I will try to include the juices I liked and the ones I wasn’t a fan of in the upcoming posts. I’m scared to try the ones with beets and the ones with kale again. The kale ones were the ones that made my ex and I stop juicing. They tasted like dirt. But I am going to try them again and we will see.

Also, I have been bowling again the last few weeks. And I picked up a weekend job at the bowling alley to help out at the snack bar, also it helps me know when there are tournaments and leagues start. I like bowling so it is good for me to be around it again. The league I was subbing for was Thursdays and the first week I bowled 138, 148, and 128. Pretty consisted for having not bowled in about a year. Then Thursday, I bowled 167, 191, 158. And hopefully this Wednesday, I will be bowling in a Scratch Double with one of the owners of the bowling alley. So, that will be fun and I’m excited.

Well, I’m looking up some juicing recipes and then headed to the grocery store. Hope this helps get me motivated into making it a habit.

Until next time,


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New Chapter.

Hello yawl. I was going to post last week but I got news that I have been exhausted from and I missed the rest of the week before I realized it.

That news is that I now work at a different office in the company. It is 15 mins further for me from my house. But I did get a raise now and I will receive another in June. Not much but it is nice. Also, the office is a new building and it is huge and there is a ton of room for growth, not only with me but for the company.

Now for the exhausting part, the office is much busier than my last office (not a bad thing) but we are currently short-handed (not for long, thankfully) and I am having to clean up some huge disaster of a mess that the last head assistant left. Basically, I am having to go through each treatment room (there are 4) and remove everything out of the room and reorganize all of the drawers so they are the same and make sense where everything goes in each room. All while taking patients. I started Monday and some how succeed in finishing today, minus the abundance of random stuff I now have to filter through. Also, I need to reorganize the lab, sterilization area, doctor’s bur blocks, and the treatment supplies. On top of that, the order is supposed to be submitted tomorrow but I don’t even know what we have and what we don’t have because of the mess I’m still trying to filter through.

But, even with all of that craziness going on, I look forward to going to work. The staff is great at communicating, staying positive, working TOGETHER, and helping anytime we can. They understand that it is going to take time for the flow to happen once everything is in the right place but they are all helping me as much as possible, which is great.

Other than that, I haven’t had energy to go to the gym this week, I last went Thursday night. And the plan was to go in the morning before work, but I haven’t been about to do that YET either. I think once I am more in the routine at the office and we have our third assistant, I will find the energy and schedule to get back in there. But I’m not trying to get myself sick and over-worked. So, for now, I will just have to watch how I’m eating. I am planning to purchase the tickets to Hawaii soon, so I will have a goal to work towards and hopefully that will motivate me even more.

Last thing, I finished my second book, The Last Move by Mary Burton. It was extremely good as well. But some of the characters made me nervous about some of the people in my life. The similar feeling I got with the last book. It’s weird.

Anyways, started a new book that is more towards history. So, we will see how it is. I’m off to read now.

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Another snow day.


We had another snow day for the week. Unfortunately, I have been sick. It started Tuesday. Yesterday, we worked a half day. Today we were off completely. Thankfully, I have been able to take meds and sleep and I am feeling a little better. Not pushing my luck though and still taking it easy.

Also started crocheting some mittens. The first one was okay. I still need to do the thumb on it. But I think I understand the pattern more now. And I started a scarf for a coworker before the storm but I ran out of yarn so I need to go get more to finish it. I still have that blanket I need to finish as well. Haha. I have so many different little projects going.

I have had some very very weird dreams the last few nights but I think it is because of all the sleepytime meds I have been taking.

I have started to do the finally research for the Hawaii trip tickets. So, I am hoping to get those soon. I am so excited for the adventure and to see my bestie.

Nothing much else happening, just stopping in for this weeks checkin.

OH yeah my dog headbutted me in the mouth while we were playing outside so now I have a big lip. Haha.

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Book #1

Hello people,

I want to start out saying I saw real snow for the first time in my life. 6 inches fell at my house in NC and it was a beautiful storm. I made a snow angel and a snow ball. Mainly, I just stood outside in the snow. I was pleasant. They closed the office for one day and then we had to make up the day the following Saturday. (Def. not ideal)

But with the snow and everything being closed for more than one day, I was about to read. My first book of the year was The Good Widow: A Novel by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke. It was a good read. I found it, sometimes hard to put down. I personally felt that it was a little predictable but there were a few shocking moments. I was a little torn in how I felt for the main character. A few things I felt like it hit a little close to home. I am not in any way a book critic but I would and have recommended this book. It reminds me of Nicholas Sparks’ Bend in the Road (which by the way I highly recommend).

So, I started a new book but I haven’t been about to sit and enjoy it yet. Sunday was my only full day off and I mainly cleaned the house and rested. And with meetings 1.5 hrs away yesterday and tomorrow, I don’t get to enjoy it during lunch this week. So, maybe this weekend.

I hope yawl enjoy the weekend.


Random Thoughts and Ideas.