First Post…

Hello friend,

Well, here is my first post on my blog. First, I would like to say, “Welcome.” I am not sure how this is going to work out, how often I will post or what I will write about each time, but I think it will be fun so I don’t care. I know I will touch on things that I enjoy (cooking, gardening, and making things) and hopefully include personal situations, but mostly my post will be positive, light-hearted, motivating, informational, and maybe funny (if you know me on a personal level). I would love comments/feedback to be the same (NOTE: all negativity will be deleted) I am not perfect so for you grammar-crazed people out there. I’m sorry in advanced. -lol- Well, I guess let’s get started.

I think I want to talk about something that I have noticed recently with me. Over the past few months, I have noticed while sitting or sleeping, my arm or leg will “fall asleep.” I know that it has something to do with poor circulation but without health insurance, it isn’t that easy to just go to a doctor and see what is up. I firmly believe in diet having a strong role in the body, so I researched foods and spices that help with circulation. Here’s a list I have come across:

1. Oranges
2. Dark Chocolate
3. Cayenne Pepper
4. Sunflower Seeds
5. Ginger Roots
6. Garlic
7. Ginkgo Biloba
8. Goji Berries
9. Watermelon
10. Salmon
11. Avocado

The list is from that website above and they give brief descriptions of how they can help.
I love food and I’m not very picky so if it comes down to eating something delish instead of taking medication, I am all for it!

Other sites also say that exercise (30 mins of walking a day) and messages help. I would like to think that I am a fairly active person and with the weather (rain just about everyday) it is difficult to stay motivated to walk/run daily. No excuses though. As for the message, I mean, seriously, I would love them. I was seeing a chiropractor for my hip and lower back but the drive to the office was longer than the appointment. I did find an office closer to home and they do messages, but I haven’t had the chance to check out the prices. So I will have to update you on that.

Well, I think that is all for now. Sorry if this is boring. If you guys have any input, let me know.

Kim 🙂


One thought on “First Post…”

  1. Great first blog, my old neighbor 😀 All of those foods you listed are amazing, and I’m right there with you in believing that diet plays a more crucial role in health than more people give their food credit. One spice I’ve come across that you could add to your list and seems to be linked to many health remedies is turmeric. So far, I’ve heard that it regulates menstrual cycle hormones, combat fluoride from affecting the brain when consumed from drinking water, and encourages blood clotting when you get a cut. Great, huh?? Thought I’d share since we have like mindness of trying to make ourselves healthy the best we can today. Hope your body pains don’t bother you for too long 😀

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