So myself and my boyfriend started a 10 day juicing detox. Looking at the plan, it didn’t seem bad. I like veggies for the most part, and the plan was a mix of juices, soups, salads, and smoothie. Fruits and veggies only.

It lasted three days.

We started on Saturday because you normally get flu-like symptoms and I didn’t want to have to work feeling like that. Saturday and Sunday were easy. Monday was horrible. I was hungry. There are chips, crackers, cookies and all sorts of junk around the office to eat. The juice smelt of an old fart and rotten veggies and it tasted like of sour celery. (It had kale, spinach, lemon, cucumber and celery). And the soup the night before was awful.

Truth be told, this “diet”** almost made me never want to eat another veggie ever.

So, as of Monday for lunch, I ate a salad with grilled chicken, crasins, and peanuts. For dinner, we added sausage to the acorn squash stuffed with Portobello mushrooms and sage. (which ended up being very delish).

Tuesday morning, I had three eggs for breakfast (we were staying away from bread, cheese and such, so no egg and cheese sandwich.) For lunch, an acorn squash from dinner. For dinner, home-made Greek salad (olives, peperoncinis, feta, tomatoes, Romaine lettuce) and white hawaiian pizza (olive oil with garlic, ricotta cheese, mozz cheese, canadian bacon, and pineapple). So, “diet” over, but belly full…of delicious food. : )

**Disclaimer: I use the word “diet” but everyone has their own definition for it. My definition for “diet” is a way of eating.

I feel like my blogs are starting to be all food. HaHa.


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