Yup, you guessed it. I am taking up crocheting. If you don’t like it, remind me to make you anything. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Haha. It is perfect for the holidays coming up, and for the creative side of me. However, I have a feeling I am going to make it more difficult than it needs to be with the things I want to make. But I mean that is to be expected of me.

Other than that, I am still stuck in a very hard place. It isn’t even between a rock and a hard place. It is seems like two non-movable places. I mean at least a rock will give eventually. Sometimes, it seems like the two hard places almost squeeze the life out of me. But I keep my head up and always look for the light. There has to be something good at the end of the tunnel right? Like a bulldozer. Haha. Yay for your imagination.

I think that is about all that is going on. Maybe the crocheting will make for a soft spot until the end of the tunnel…: )


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