Wow! It has been just over 11 months since I have lasted posted.
Quick update of the main events:

  • Moved to North Carolina in October. Working as a server at a fine dining restaurant at night at the moment. Looking for a dental assistant job for the day time.
  • Worked through Thanksgiving (literally worked 12pm – 7pm on Thanksgiving day).
  • Probably will work through Christmas (but not worried about it because it will be just me and Malibu).
  • Started an Instagram @azn_km so you can follow me on that. I, also, post recipes I have tried on there.

Let’s see, the last post were some New Year’s resolutions, so let me address how well I did this year.

  1. Only got through one semester of school before I found out I was moving to NC. But I did get A’s and B’s for the semester.
  2. I did get a raise for the last month of work before I moved.
  3. I went to Vegas for a Bachlorette party. Then took a week off for the wedding in my hometown. Then it took about a month for me to find a job once I got to NC. I would say that is all a pretty good little vacation.
  4. I did increase my savings. Then I took the above vacation, so now it is decreased. haha
  5. Since I have been in NC, I have had to the chance to enjoy bonfires and the outdoors when I’m not at work. As well as a season that Florida doesn’t really have: Fall and Winter.
  6. The year isn’t complete so I’m still working on the money jar. I am 100$ behind (due to the spending on the vacation), but I have three weeks to get caught up and finish the year.
  7. I did have a good schedule of working out on a regular. First, at night, after work, at 9pm. AWFUL. Then, in the morning, before work, 730am. Better than at night. But, since the move, I haven’t gotten a membership to a gym, so I haven’t been going. Although, I have done minor (super minor) home work outs. And, I walked/jogged a fun run 5K yesterday. I, also, prepped a meal plan to get me ready for the gym when I get there. -LOL- I’m planning to get a week pass to Gold’s tomorrow. We will see.
  8. My gardening dreams are done for now. It is difficult to start anything like that in a rental that doesn’t already have the setup. I’m not worried about it though, I need to see what the weather is like before I can try a garden.

Well, that was a quick update. I will try to be a little more on top of updating this. I do have a few resolutions for the new year, but I will save it for another post. Hope everyone is doing well out there.

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