Happy New Years 2016.

I’m feeling much better since the last post. I feel like I just needed to get it out there, even if the person doesn’t read this. You know what I mean?

So, the first of the year…let’s get these resolutions out there. I am using a few from last year. I think I did well on last year’s. I went over it a few posts back.

1. Start a new job during the day as a dental assistant. (I start Jan. 5th)
2. Build up savings account.
3. Take a week long vacation somewhere I have never been before.
4. Pay off all credit cards.
5. Put 20$ a week into my Roth IRA.
6. Continue to enjoy the little things in life.
7. Get my own place.
8. Get into the best shape possible this year. (I need to work out a schedule between running and gym time)
9. Run a few 5Ks. (Planning on a fun run on Jan. 30th and a mud run in May.)
10. Learn Spanish.
11. Read more books. (Please give me any and all recommendations…I have 6 books from high school that I was suppose to read and def. did NOT. So, I’m starting with them. Also, I have an inspirational one my mom gave me that I, of course, haven’t read. But then, I’m up for suggestions, and I have a Kindle to read them on.)
12. Keep Instagram and this blog up to date.

That’s all for now.

Love you all,
Kim ❤


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