Most changes take time. Why do people think that living paycheck to paycheck can be fixed over night? I have and I feel like I currently do live paycheck to paycheck at the moment. Prior to the move from Florida to North Carolina, I wasn’t. I had money to put in my savings and a little extra to enjoy the fact that I work my ass off. But moving is expensive and having to find new ways of income sometimes come after the move has happened. I, thankfully, had enough left over from the Vegas trip (that happened right before the move) to relax and find a job. But this move was definitely not stress-free especially when the one person, you thought of as your partner in adventures, is distance and doesn’t understand that change doesn’t happen over night.

I find it embarrassing to say that I am a 27 year old, currently living paycheck to paycheck or better yet, living off the money I make night to night. But I’m not borrowing money, my bills are getting paid on time, I’m in good health, and my vehicle is operational. So, I’m doing better than some. But the last thing I need to be reminded of is that I don’t have anything extra. I have just the bare minimum. I have to many plans and goals for the year and they all require me to be financially stable by the end of the year. Believe me, no one would be more relieved by that achievement than myself. It takes time.

I started my new office job Tuesday. On Thursday, I found out it wasn’t the job position that I had applied for. It is a position that does the (what I call) “grunt” work. I am called a hygiene assistant. I help the hygienist with charting, staying on time by doing fluoride, taking x-rays, cleaning the room, and sterilization. I am bitter because I have the schooling for so much more. However, they say they don’t have a chairside assistant position open at the moment. I have decided to still accept the position and I will make the best of it until a new opportunity presented itself (whether in the office or elsewhere).

My biggest goal/planning/adventure is a trip to Australia in 2017. I’m looking into everything now so that I can start planning/saving/ect. I know it is going to be a very expensive trip (flights are 2000$+), but I feel like if I can accomplish saving up and maintaining a savings and bills, I deserve the trip. Right?

Also, I’m planning to finish crocheting those ear warmers (of course, I started it and never followed through with selling them or even complete the ones I promised to people).

Finally, once I get the set schedule of the new job and get in a routine, I signed up at the gym in the area and I will be getting myself back into shape. I have always been self conscious, but now its just unacceptable for myself. Besides, that will help with any unnecessary money spending, right?

Alright, I’m done for now. I hope 2016 has started off on the right foot for everyone. : )

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