Banana Pancakes.


It has been a busy weekend.

Monday to Wednesday was the usual work week. Wednesday was the last day of one of my close friends at the office. She is on to better things now and I wish her well. Tuesday was the start of a past employee. She is sweet, easy to work with and knows what she is doing. She is also very pregnant, due at the end of March. She is just belly, she wears it so well. So, congrats to her fourth baby and I am welcoming the smooth flow of the next few weeks until my last days there. I haven’t put my two week notice in, but they have known since Nov. that starting in the new year I would be activately looking. Thursday, I didn’t have to go into the office because they don’t want to train me if I am not staying, which I completely understand. I had an interview yesterday morning for a temp/possible perm job. I think that it went well and I am hoping to hear back from them soon.

Other than that, I completely fudged on my meal plan again this week. BUT, I made paleo banana pancakes this morning. The pics are on my Instagram @azn_km but here is the easy recipe.

1 ripe banana
1 egg
coconut oil

Mash banana. Add egg and mix to completely combined.
Heat pan to medium. Add oil.

Pour pancakes in about silver dollar size. Turn after about a mintue.

Enjoy with powdered sugar, maple syrup, or my favorite peanut butter.

I got this recipe from an email from (not word for word though, I added and forgot some of it. But mainly.)

I enjoyed with turkey bacon and 2 scrambled eggs. Main thing, I have to say about them, besides they are delish, is I couldn’t flip them easily so if you see the pics don’t judge. Haha

Also, this weekend, while I had time off, I repainted a picture for a friend and I started to crochet a blanket (my biggest and hardest project yet, I hope I don’t lose interest or patience with it. I have had to redo the SECOND row three times because I lost count. AWFUL)

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

See you next week.
Kim ❤ .


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