Stay Positive.

Hello loves,

Well, unfortunately, I am ending the work week a little under the weather. Only had to work a half day yesterday so I was able to take meds and rest up for work this weekend. Hoping that yesterday was the worst of it.

*Warning: I am sorry about the venting that is to follow. You have been warning. 🙂

I had an interview this morning. And I am very torn with being a good employee and making sure that I am taking care of. Here is a quick back story. I started at my dental office in June. When I interviewed, I let them know how much I was looking to make and that a short-term goal of mine was to move out of my ex’s and that is why I was looking to make that much. They told me that they couldn’t start me at the amount but that I would be able to get a raise after 90 days. I was excited to have an opportunity to train in an orthodontic office, so I agreed. I strive myself on high work and learning things quickly. So, I figured I would have no problem. Let just say, I didn’t get the raise after 90 days or even 30 days later, because I was too slow and didn’t know how to do certain tasks. The best way to explain everything is I was shown how to tie my shoes, I tried one time and he said too slow/not good enough and stuck my back into velcro shoes. Well, in velcro shoes, I have mastered it pretty much (maybe not as parallel as the dr. would like some days but otherwise good). However, my raise depended on how well I can tie my shoes and being that I get to practice a few times, it, of course, isn’t perfect. So, no raise. So, in Nov. after moving out of my ex’s and being told I would have to wait until Jan to see IF the office gets a raise, I let the office manager and head assistant know that I would be actively looking for a new job starting Jan because I have 400$+ in bills since moving out and I would need to be making more. They stated that they understood and to let them know. Now, within this time, other people have been hired and received raised after threatening to quit but I am not comparing myself to them because I’m still in velcro shoes. So, the holidays pass and in Jan, like I said, I started looking actively for a new job. So, back to today, I went to my interview and she wanted to do a working interview on Monday. So, instead of calling in sick, I texted the head assistant and let her know I had a working interview and kind of ensure if it was okay. She replied that she spoke to the office manager “she said no we have patients on Monday. So if you want to go you need to put in your notice”. So, after talking to a dentist friend, an old coworker from the office, my past office manager of two years, and a random friend to ensure I wasn’t crazy to put in my notice before having a for sure job, I put in my notice. I put in the notice at 10:55am and received a call from a coworker at 10:58am saying the head assistant just group texted her about my last day. I wasn’t trying to inconvenience anyone but how am I suppose to look for a new job if I work the same hours as the new office.

Ugh, start about that venting, recently a very dear and loving friend of mine, pointed out how negative I have been recently, and I agree with her. I need to let go of the negativity in my life and find myself. This office is full of negativity. I have enjoyed the training and I am grateful for that but it is hard to wake up in the morning and drive an hour each day to go to work to pettiness, backstabbing, bad mouthing, and drama. The negativity is draining and unhealthy. I wish the best to them but I don’t wish to partake in it any longer.

Well, I hope that Monday goes well. Everyone have a great week. Stay positive and don’t let one negative thing bring down your whole day.

Kim ❤


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