Off week…or two

Hello loves,

I missed a week. But I’m back.

So last Monday, I had a working interview. I felt that it went well. I enjoyed the office and the employees. It seemed ideal and promising. They had working interviews for the rest of the week. I went to work on Tuesday. Drove an hour to get there. Walked in. Was asked to sign a paper stating that my last day was Feb 9th. Then, I was asked to leave. Once, you have official put your notice into your employment, they can choose to allow you to work the notice out or to release you without firing you. So, they released me. I don’t know why or where all the negativity or the bitterness has stemmed from but they would rather be short-handed two people than to allow me to work out my notice or find someone before letting me go. Pretty petty and from what I have heard, an awful decision on their part. Yet, it was a huge weight off my shoulders. I have gotten on a better workout schedule and been able to cook dinner and just relax, it has been nice. But a little boring because I do not have the extra money to just spend willy-nilly. I have let my night job know that I am available full-time until I find a new office job though. Last Friday, I went to my night job and met a retired hygienist from the area and she gave me her information and three offices she recommended I give my resume to. So, that was a blessing. I haven’t acted upon them yet because I was allowing time for the other office to contact me or not.
Yesterday, I did receive a call from another office interested in having me come in to meet the dentist on Friday. However, I received a text from them this morning stating they had filled the position. Weird. And then the dentist from that office, accidentally called me looking for a patient. Awkward. I had also emailed the office from the working interview, yesterday, to check in and see if any decisions had been made. And I received an email back today stating that they filled the position with someone who had front desk and assisting experience (which I also have both of), and that if I was interested I could be someone who was on-call if needed. Weird. I’m not sure if I should reply back letting them know that I also have front desk experience or just leave it. Being that tomorrow is Friday and most of the offices aren’t open, I have time to update and print out copies of my resume for the other offices recommended around town. Minor set backs but trying to keep my head up.

I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend,

❤  Kim


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