4/5 juices.


This week I did four out of five of the juices. I drank them on an empty stomach before I ate breakfast.

Morning 1: I did the beet & berry liver cleanse by Bare Root Girl  http://barerootgirl.com/nourish/2013/8/19/raw-beet-berry-liver-cleanse-juice/
It was good. I personally would tone the ginger root down next time, it was too spicy for me so early in the morning. But other than that it was a great start to the juices. I have never had beets before. The broccoli was dried up so I don’t think it really even juiced, but it made about 4 cups. I also cut up all the veg and peeled the fruit the night before. Besides the blueberries, it was a good idea and saved some time.

Morning 2: Kale & Pineapple by Adore Foods
This recipe was great, not too much cutting and so I didn’t need to prepare the night before. My kale was dried up so I used a few extra leaves, but it still only made about 3 cups. But as nervous as I was about the kale juice, it was good. Better than in the past. I think the pineapple helped.

Morning 3: Cellulite and Fat killer by Vivien Veil
This Juice Melts Cellulite and Burns Fat
The recipe was just a lot of peeling the citrus and I am not a fan of grapefruit so I was nervous about the juice. However, it wasn’t bad. Again, I think the pineapple helped cut the bitterness. This juice made well over 7-8 cups. At one point my cup overflowed and I had to empty it into two glasses to finish the rest.

Morning 4: Belly Buster Green Juice by Linda Wagner
This juice was pretty to look at and tasted great. (see the picture on my Instagram @azn_km) I didn’t peel anything in this recipe and it wasn’t bitter at all.

Overall, I am pretty excited about this juices and I can’t wait to try more. I know my roommate is enjoying all the extras. Every morning, he goes to the fridge looking for his part. He was bummed Friday when I didn’t make a juice because I was sick. I eat veggies, not as much fruit, so I didn’t see a huge difference in energy but I did notice I stayed full longer. My stomach wasn’t growling at 10:30am like it usual does when I just eat breakfast. So, that’s nice. My roommate, however, rarely eats a daily serving of veggie or fruits. He says he felt energized after the first juice. I don’t know if it is just in his head or what but at least he is getting more beneficial things in his diet.

Have a great weekend,


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