Okay, I’m clearly very bad at this blogging thing. I still don’t know what the point of my blog is other than to vent for three months a year. & set up resolutions that may or may not be achieved.

Either way, I am going to attempt this blog again this year.

Today is the second day of 2018 and I must say, so far so good.

Yesterday, I had friends come over and enjoy drinks, food, and a bonfire. It was enjoyable. But it definitely showed me that is not an everyday thing for me. I need my quiet and me time for sure. Although, I did love seeing everyone having fun and I enjoyed the company.

So, for one of my goals this year, I am going to try to read a book each month. So, please if anyone even reads this, give me suggestions. I don’t read enough to say that I have one genre that I love or hate. I have been reading romantic/erotic books but I’m down for any suggestion. I was thinking about joining a monthly book club type thing but I have Kindle Unlimited and I want to use it. I am going to go on there tonight and start a book.

Today, I had a patient & her husband ask me how long I had been a dental assistant (4 years now) and then say that they can see that I enjoy the field. They are not the first people to tell me that, as well as they are not the first ones to ask why I don’t go to dental school. I have thought about going to dental school, however I am not a fan of the fact that I would have to start over as if I had no experience in the field. Also, I’m happy where I am in the field, I’m not trying to own a practice or be responsible for all of the extra behind the scene stuff. I would just want to do the dental part and I feel like being a head assistant with my credentials is perfect for me. It will take time to get to the point where I am at my forever office with my forever work family, but my job title and career is just where I want to be.

With that, I will depart for the time being. See yawl very soon.



Birthday Month

Hello loves,

March is my birthday month. I hope everyone is having a great time so far in the year.

So, I have gotten some good news about a new job. I will be starting at Friday with orientation and starting at the office on Monday. YAY! It is 15 minutes from my house, the girls all seem sane, sweet, helpful, and act like adults, it is a 3$ raise, after 90 days I get medical and vision, a possible raise, sick and vacation days. And there is a head assistant position that I could get and that would be another raise. I am excited and nervous.

Yesterday, I went to the gym for the first time in about 2 weeks (due to sickness). I dropped at 25 lb plate on my foot. Thankfully, I didn’t break anything (I think). But damn, I was looking forward to getting back in the gym. Ugh.

Today, I had to get a drug screen for my new job and I went to the Fast Med they took me to go to. I wait 1.5 hrs with a sick brat that was all over the place, coughing on everything and not covering his mouth, he picked up a straw from until the chairs and started chewing on it. He was at least 5 or 6. Then when the lady finally put my info into the computer, I was finally called back. Peed in a cup and left (5 mins). I wait 1.5hr to go into the back for 5 mins. Bitches. I didn’t go in there sick but I feel like I may have left sick, Shit.

Anyways, it has been a good few days. I played with some clay at the house and painted a few acrylic paintings.

Hope everyone is having an awesome week.

❤ Kim

No News is Good News?


My parents say that no news is good news, when it comes to the children calling, because we only call when we need something. (Typically advice or just to vent). The last few weeks, I haven’t heard from or seen any posting for any positions in the immediate area. Not too worried about it. I have been able to work out and cook a little more. I have less negativity and it is calming. However, I have been sleeping until 3pm for the last week which is not ideal at all. Anyways, the job search not in full effect, just enjoying and not settling, and I have an interview tomorrow, so maybe that will be more good news. But for now, I am just going to post the recipes, I made last night for goat cheese stuffed tomatoes and turkey burgers. *Exact measurements are unsure.

Goat cheese stuffed tomatoes:
3.5 oz of garlic herb goat cheese
chopped green onions*
black pepper*
fresh minced parsley*
1 sweet bell pepper
1 container of smaller sweet campri tomatoes

Mix goat cheese, green onion, peppers, and parsley. Set aside. Wash and cut tops of the tomatoes. Scoop out the seeds and inside of the tomatoes. Fill with goat cheese mix. SERVE. (Fancy. You’re welcome.)

Turkey Burgers
1 lb of ground turkey
fresh minced parsley*
jalapeno feta crumbles*
italian bread crumbs*
1 egg
coconut oil*
1 sweet yellow onion (cut in half end to end and then in slices)
condiments (mayo, ketchup, Dijon mustard)
buns (potato)

Mix turkey, parsley, salt, pepper, feta, egg, and bread crumbs. Form into patties. (Does that really need to be a step?) Heat pan med low heat. Add coconut oil and place patty in pan. COOK. Flip. Check if it is cooked in the middle (tan, not pinky). Repeat for all patties. Set aside. In same pan, place onions and butter. Cook until the onions are a little translucent. Set aside. Toast buns. Plate. (Bun butt, meat, more feta, onions, ketchup, mayo, mustard, bun top) Enjoy.

**No promises they will be as delish as mine were. Sorry, you can’t cook. 🙂 j.k you are awesome and they will be delish.

Okk, I am going to the gym now. Bye

❤  Kim

Off week…or two

Hello loves,

I missed a week. But I’m back.

So last Monday, I had a working interview. I felt that it went well. I enjoyed the office and the employees. It seemed ideal and promising. They had working interviews for the rest of the week. I went to work on Tuesday. Drove an hour to get there. Walked in. Was asked to sign a paper stating that my last day was Feb 9th. Then, I was asked to leave. Once, you have official put your notice into your employment, they can choose to allow you to work the notice out or to release you without firing you. So, they released me. I don’t know why or where all the negativity or the bitterness has stemmed from but they would rather be short-handed two people than to allow me to work out my notice or find someone before letting me go. Pretty petty and from what I have heard, an awful decision on their part. Yet, it was a huge weight off my shoulders. I have gotten on a better workout schedule and been able to cook dinner and just relax, it has been nice. But a little boring because I do not have the extra money to just spend willy-nilly. I have let my night job know that I am available full-time until I find a new office job though. Last Friday, I went to my night job and met a retired hygienist from the area and she gave me her information and three offices she recommended I give my resume to. So, that was a blessing. I haven’t acted upon them yet because I was allowing time for the other office to contact me or not.
Yesterday, I did receive a call from another office interested in having me come in to meet the dentist on Friday. However, I received a text from them this morning stating they had filled the position. Weird. And then the dentist from that office, accidentally called me looking for a patient. Awkward. I had also emailed the office from the working interview, yesterday, to check in and see if any decisions had been made. And I received an email back today stating that they filled the position with someone who had front desk and assisting experience (which I also have both of), and that if I was interested I could be someone who was on-call if needed. Weird. I’m not sure if I should reply back letting them know that I also have front desk experience or just leave it. Being that tomorrow is Friday and most of the offices aren’t open, I have time to update and print out copies of my resume for the other offices recommended around town. Minor set backs but trying to keep my head up.

I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend,

❤  Kim

Stay Positive.

Hello loves,

Well, unfortunately, I am ending the work week a little under the weather. Only had to work a half day yesterday so I was able to take meds and rest up for work this weekend. Hoping that yesterday was the worst of it.

*Warning: I am sorry about the venting that is to follow. You have been warning. 🙂

I had an interview this morning. And I am very torn with being a good employee and making sure that I am taking care of. Here is a quick back story. I started at my dental office in June. When I interviewed, I let them know how much I was looking to make and that a short-term goal of mine was to move out of my ex’s and that is why I was looking to make that much. They told me that they couldn’t start me at the amount but that I would be able to get a raise after 90 days. I was excited to have an opportunity to train in an orthodontic office, so I agreed. I strive myself on high work and learning things quickly. So, I figured I would have no problem. Let just say, I didn’t get the raise after 90 days or even 30 days later, because I was too slow and didn’t know how to do certain tasks. The best way to explain everything is I was shown how to tie my shoes, I tried one time and he said too slow/not good enough and stuck my back into velcro shoes. Well, in velcro shoes, I have mastered it pretty much (maybe not as parallel as the dr. would like some days but otherwise good). However, my raise depended on how well I can tie my shoes and being that I get to practice a few times, it, of course, isn’t perfect. So, no raise. So, in Nov. after moving out of my ex’s and being told I would have to wait until Jan to see IF the office gets a raise, I let the office manager and head assistant know that I would be actively looking for a new job starting Jan because I have 400$+ in bills since moving out and I would need to be making more. They stated that they understood and to let them know. Now, within this time, other people have been hired and received raised after threatening to quit but I am not comparing myself to them because I’m still in velcro shoes. So, the holidays pass and in Jan, like I said, I started looking actively for a new job. So, back to today, I went to my interview and she wanted to do a working interview on Monday. So, instead of calling in sick, I texted the head assistant and let her know I had a working interview and kind of ensure if it was okay. She replied that she spoke to the office manager “she said no we have patients on Monday. So if you want to go you need to put in your notice”. So, after talking to a dentist friend, an old coworker from the office, my past office manager of two years, and a random friend to ensure I wasn’t crazy to put in my notice before having a for sure job, I put in my notice. I put in the notice at 10:55am and received a call from a coworker at 10:58am saying the head assistant just group texted her about my last day. I wasn’t trying to inconvenience anyone but how am I suppose to look for a new job if I work the same hours as the new office.

Ugh, start about that venting, recently a very dear and loving friend of mine, pointed out how negative I have been recently, and I agree with her. I need to let go of the negativity in my life and find myself. This office is full of negativity. I have enjoyed the training and I am grateful for that but it is hard to wake up in the morning and drive an hour each day to go to work to pettiness, backstabbing, bad mouthing, and drama. The negativity is draining and unhealthy. I wish the best to them but I don’t wish to partake in it any longer.

Well, I hope that Monday goes well. Everyone have a great week. Stay positive and don’t let one negative thing bring down your whole day.

Kim ❤

Banana Pancakes.


It has been a busy weekend.

Monday to Wednesday was the usual work week. Wednesday was the last day of one of my close friends at the office. She is on to better things now and I wish her well. Tuesday was the start of a past employee. She is sweet, easy to work with and knows what she is doing. She is also very pregnant, due at the end of March. She is just belly, she wears it so well. So, congrats to her fourth baby and I am welcoming the smooth flow of the next few weeks until my last days there. I haven’t put my two week notice in, but they have known since Nov. that starting in the new year I would be activately looking. Thursday, I didn’t have to go into the office because they don’t want to train me if I am not staying, which I completely understand. I had an interview yesterday morning for a temp/possible perm job. I think that it went well and I am hoping to hear back from them soon.

Other than that, I completely fudged on my meal plan again this week. BUT, I made paleo banana pancakes this morning. The pics are on my Instagram @azn_km but here is the easy recipe.

1 ripe banana
1 egg
coconut oil

Mash banana. Add egg and mix to completely combined.
Heat pan to medium. Add oil.

Pour pancakes in about silver dollar size. Turn after about a mintue.

Enjoy with powdered sugar, maple syrup, or my favorite peanut butter.

I got this recipe from an email from BodyBuilding.com (not word for word though, I added and forgot some of it. But mainly.)

I enjoyed with turkey bacon and 2 scrambled eggs. Main thing, I have to say about them, besides they are delish, is I couldn’t flip them easily so if you see the pics don’t judge. Haha

Also, this weekend, while I had time off, I repainted a picture for a friend and I started to crochet a blanket (my biggest and hardest project yet, I hope I don’t lose interest or patience with it. I have had to redo the SECOND row three times because I lost count. AWFUL)

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

See you next week.
Kim ❤ .

Friday the 13th.

Hello loves,

Happy Friday the 13th. I hope you all have had a wonderful week. We are just shy of two weeks into the great new year. I hope it has been good to you so far.

More updates from the last year:

I moved into my own place in Nov! It is still in North Carolina and it is only five house down from the ex’s place, but it is out of his place and on my own with Malibu. So, baby steps. :).

It is hard to remember all the stuff you have to check and be responsible for when you rent, when for the last few years, he has owned the house or taken care of everything. Nothing I can’t handle though. Although, a new, better paying job that is closer to home is most ideal. And I definitely miss my baby Coal. :(.

It has only been about a month and I can tell I still need time to find myself and move on.

If you are on my Instagram, I posted something that hit home that it is okay that I’m not okay yet.

It said:
“It took time to get to know someone. It took time to open up to them. It took time to let them in. It took time to love them. So it will take time to let it go and move on. Take that time. It’s unrealistic to think that from one day to the next you will be able to walk away from and forget something you invested so much time, energy, and emotion into…It’s okay to not be okay.”

I get that it has been over a year, but you can’t just forget almost 3 years with someone you loved. I was crazier about him than I lead on or showed him and that may have been a factor in everything but I can’t change the past. So, here I am today taking the time I need to move on. I will be just fine, I know that. Sometimes, I just want to know if he thinks of me or misses me or if he is over it and already moved on, but I know it may be for the best to just not know.

Well, enjoy your week. I will learn to post pics and stuff on here one day, so my posts aren’t just words and old school emojis. :/

Love yawl,

Random Thoughts and Ideas.