Happy New Years 2016.

I’m feeling much better since the last post. I feel like I just needed to get it out there, even if the person doesn’t read this. You know what I mean?

So, the first of the year…let’s get these resolutions out there. I am using a few from last year. I think I did well on last year’s. I went over it a few posts back.

1. Start a new job during the day as a dental assistant. (I start Jan. 5th)
2. Build up savings account.
3. Take a week long vacation somewhere I have never been before.
4. Pay off all credit cards.
5. Put 20$ a week into my Roth IRA.
6. Continue to enjoy the little things in life.
7. Get my own place.
8. Get into the best shape possible this year. (I need to work out a schedule between running and gym time)
9. Run a few 5Ks. (Planning on a fun run on Jan. 30th and a mud run in May.)
10. Learn Spanish.
11. Read more books. (Please give me any and all recommendations…I have 6 books from high school that I was suppose to read and def. did NOT. So, I’m starting with them. Also, I have an inspirational one my mom gave me that I, of course, haven’t read. But then, I’m up for suggestions, and I have a Kindle to read them on.)
12. Keep Instagram and this blog up to date.

That’s all for now.

Love you all,
Kim ❤


Random brain explosion

So, I have been thinking about writing a post for almost a week now. But between working and sleeping and an occasional errand run, I didn’t. Clearly. It is probably going to be very random and all over the place. Maybe a little confusing with some venting and bitching. Sorry in advance.

There is so much on my mind with the holidays and being single and alone for the first time in about 3 years. I mean, even when I was single, I was close to friends and family and I wasn’t alone or working. I like it out here in N.C. It is a nice change and it is a nice area. Maybe a little bit of bad timing though. I have made a few friends from my night job, so that is good. But I live almost an hour from all of them, except one who lives 10 mins from me but has two jobs.

So, on Myspace (super throwback), I use to post mini blogs on there to vent about a person or situation without actually saying any names. It helped me to vent but didn’t put anyone on blast. If it was about you, only you knew. So, I think I’m going to do something like that. One because there is a few things I want to say to some people in general. Maybe they will read this, maybe they won’t. But at least it is out there.

First, it crosses my mind on a regular to think that maybe, just maybe I have been making the same mistake over and over when it comes to relationships. It is like I’m in high school for life. I’m always going to be one of the bros or like a sister. I’m someone that people love but very rarely am I the person that someone is in love with. It is draining thinking that I will be starting over in a way. And it isn’t any where near where I thought I would be at this age. I get it. A lot of people aren’t where they thought they would be, but I’m going nowhere. It’s like I waste time on guys that I think are in love with me. Try everything to prove that I am worth it, but I lose myself in that time. I lose my independence. I lose time with friends. I lose time to love myself. I invest so much time and effort into the relationship, just to be told I haven’t invested enough time. I have grown a lot since high school.

I have learned that you should never pass on a guy who is there for you, doing everything he can to make you happy for a guy that is away (physically and emotionally) ruining your night with a single phone call. I have learned that when you break someone’s heart, saying sorry, isn’t going to fix it and it may be too late, they will definitely move on. Then, you just have to watch someone that you love be happy and love someone else.

I have learned that if someone waits too long to tell you how they feel, it may be for the best. There is a possibility that they will tell you something (like they will be there for you no matter what) and then just bail when you need them the most. And that you don’t want to be friends with the guy that talks to you about the past when he is currently in a relationship with someone. Although, the time spent together were normally pretty fun and chill, the amount of time being stood up and blown off should have been a sign. There was more than enough time for the truth to be told and waiting until the last minute was bad timing for everyone. I don’t regret the decision that was made, even with the current situation.

I have learned that you can’t completely invest time into someone who isn’t wanting to put a ring on it. You never know what will change. Priorities, dreams, goals. Never assume someone is on the same page as you in life or in the relationship. And just because you guys are open about just about everything, there could be something that they are hiding. Always question mood changes. Never ignore the obvious. Never lose yourself completely.

That’s all for now.

❤ ,



Wow! It has been just over 11 months since I have lasted posted.
Quick update of the main events:

  • Moved to North Carolina in October. Working as a server at a fine dining restaurant at night at the moment. Looking for a dental assistant job for the day time.
  • Worked through Thanksgiving (literally worked 12pm – 7pm on Thanksgiving day).
  • Probably will work through Christmas (but not worried about it because it will be just me and Malibu).
  • Started an Instagram @azn_km so you can follow me on that. I, also, post recipes I have tried on there.

Let’s see, the last post were some New Year’s resolutions, so let me address how well I did this year.

  1. Only got through one semester of school before I found out I was moving to NC. But I did get A’s and B’s for the semester.
  2. I did get a raise for the last month of work before I moved.
  3. I went to Vegas for a Bachlorette party. Then took a week off for the wedding in my hometown. Then it took about a month for me to find a job once I got to NC. I would say that is all a pretty good little vacation.
  4. I did increase my savings. Then I took the above vacation, so now it is decreased. haha
  5. Since I have been in NC, I have had to the chance to enjoy bonfires and the outdoors when I’m not at work. As well as a season that Florida doesn’t really have: Fall and Winter.
  6. The year isn’t complete so I’m still working on the money jar. I am 100$ behind (due to the spending on the vacation), but I have three weeks to get caught up and finish the year.
  7. I did have a good schedule of working out on a regular. First, at night, after work, at 9pm. AWFUL. Then, in the morning, before work, 730am. Better than at night. But, since the move, I haven’t gotten a membership to a gym, so I haven’t been going. Although, I have done minor (super minor) home work outs. And, I walked/jogged a fun run 5K yesterday. I, also, prepped a meal plan to get me ready for the gym when I get there. -LOL- I’m planning to get a week pass to Gold’s tomorrow. We will see.
  8. My gardening dreams are done for now. It is difficult to start anything like that in a rental that doesn’t already have the setup. I’m not worried about it though, I need to see what the weather is like before I can try a garden.

Well, that was a quick update. I will try to be a little more on top of updating this. I do have a few resolutions for the new year, but I will save it for another post. Hope everyone is doing well out there.

❤ ,


Happy New Year.

I re-read my last post, and I was clearly too tired to be posting anything. Haha.

This post is going to be a few short (maintain through the year) and long term (by the end of the year) resolutions that are reasonable.

First, the “definition” of resolution is making a promise to do an ac of self-improvement or something slightly nice (according to Wikipedia.

So, let’s get to it,

1. I am starting school on the 12th, so I would like to get good grades (mostly A’s but I will settle for B’s if I must).
2. Get a raise.
3. Take a vacation.
4. Increase my savings.
5. Enjoy the little things in life (i.e the outdoors).
6. Do the money jar start to finish (I started it in 2014 but in Oct. didn’t have to money to finish). Let me know if you want to know what and how the money jar works.
7. Work out at least 2 times a week (due to my schedule I think that is reasonable, although I would like to make it to the gym 5 times a week, I’m making reasonable resolutions).
8. Produce more in the garden. (We have butternut squash, kale, green onions, and tomatoes growing right now)

I think that is all for now. Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. Have a great new year!

New Year.


Okay so with the holidays, I haven’t been updating this as much as I promised myself. It’s okay. Since the last post, we have had Thanksgiving. I spent it with my grandparents, parents, and bf at my grandparents’ house. It took a hour longer to get there with the traffic. We should have figured with it being Thanksgiving. My grandparents ordered the food from Publix (maybe?) it was salty and nothing past years. But, it wasn’t about the food. It was about spending time with family. So, my bf made an awesome Thanksgiving dinner the next day while I was at work all day. (Yes, I worked the day before and after Thanksgiving).

Nothing really happened between Thanksgiving and Christmas. For Christmas, we went to Alabama to see the bf’s parents. It was very relaxing and a great time. The worse part was the drive (I slept, he drove and it was still horrible). But, I did enjoy the time we spent with his family, although I did miss my own.

I have tried a new peppermint black bean brownie recipe. It was a huge hit at our Mexican food bonfire get together. I will have to share it with you all at the later time (if you are interested, let me know).

I’m going to keep this post short. I am tired from work. But, I have plans for posting again on the first.

Hope all is well and everyone is healthy.

Happy Holidays

Naturally Healing.

Hello friends,

First, an update on my crocheting. (Did I mention that I started crocheting? I can’t remember.) Well, I did. I took a class at Michael’s with a friend of mine (Hello, Ashley!). The teacher was nice. She taught us the basic steps. I caught on pretty quick (I watched a TON of YouTube videos the night before!) So, I asked her to teach me a new step (unwillingly) she did although she gave me the disclaimer “if you get confused or lost, don’t be upset with me” *shake my head* I got it. It was fine. Anyways, she said to start with something rather easy. A kitchen towel. (a rectangle) To get use to the stitches and tension of the yarn. BLAH. haha. I finished my kitchen towel. (not a perfect rectangle…haha) And started on bigger and better projects. First, an infinity scarf. Easy enough. Any stitch that I didn’t (don’t) know I just YouTube it. Finished the infinity scarf in about two days. (I have a problem…and old lady problem). Now, I am working on a slouch beanie for Gage. I started it and then realized about 1/4 way through I was doing it wrong. *shrugs* Trial and Error at its best. So, I took it out and started over. I think that was about four or so days ago. I am about 1/2 done now. It looks like a Jewish hat at the moment. No big deal. If anyone needs one I have it covered…-lol- Anyways, I have plans of making a summer lace scarf next, now that I am getting accustomed to the different weights of yarn. So, expect something crocheted as gifts in the near future. I don’t know how long this hobby with last. : )

Next, an update on my circulation problem. I believe it is the horrible, second-hand chairs we have around the kitchen table. Also, we have horrible, second-hand couches. They are all very uncomfortable and I can’t deal with either for very long periods of time. I suppose it is time to look into investing some money into some nicer furniture.

Speaking for investing, actually just spending, money. I may have dodged a bullet on having to pay 400$ for a new oil pan because of a stripped bolt. In May, I took my car to the Toyota dealership to get the oil changed. I gave it to them with no leak. I got it back with a minor leak, which I wasn’t concerned about at the time because on the way to the oil change I got a flat tire so that was the main situation. After some time, we noticed the leak (like it said it was minor). Well, last Tuesday, I was due for an oil change and (Gage) brought it to a shop (closer to the house and one that checked my tires when my light came on). The shop stated that the last person to do the oil change stripped the bolt and that is why it was leaking. They tried a plug and said worse case, I would need a new oil pan. Well, the plug seem to make the leak worse, so I brought it back to them on Thursday and they quoted me 398$ for parts and labor (not including another oil change). Needless to say I was a: livid. & b. worried about where I was going to get that kind of money. I mean I do have some money saved up but not enough or I would be clearing out my entire savings. So, I went to the dealership to raise hell (nicely talk to them and I have all my original receipts and no where on them did it say that I had a leak or stripped bolt when I brought in the car or that any mistakes were made with my car). I talked to the manager of the car services dept. and he said he “won’t take responsibility for the stripped bolt” but he would attempt to put on a cross thread bolt to see if it helped. (He said that is all he would have offered to do if I would have brought it back the day of or next day after the oil change too. He wouldn’t take responsibility then or now. *rolls my eyes*) Anyways, they put the new bolt in today and they (the mechanic) didn’t say anything about it not working so apparently it is okay for now (according to the manager). So, at the moment, I can breath and not have to worry about coming up with 400$ like yesterday. But I will be setting a little extra aside for the future (been the bolt is probably a temporary fix).

Now, for the title. : ) As a dental assistant, I am sad to announce that I have cavities that I have had for a while. However, without insurance and while working in this office, I have to pay 150$ per visit to get a few filled at a time. I have neither the time off or the money for it. So, I am going to try some naturally healing and see how it works. I know this is a rather long post so I am going to just post a few sites that I was looking out and touch back on the subject on a later post. Most of this sites are NOT medical or scientific, they are other people’s blogs and such. Its most about diet. (DuR clearly)



Thanks for reading, I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy and not getting sick with the weather change. : )



Yup, you guessed it. I am taking up crocheting. If you don’t like it, remind me to make you anything. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Haha. It is perfect for the holidays coming up, and for the creative side of me. However, I have a feeling I am going to make it more difficult than it needs to be with the things I want to make. But I mean that is to be expected of me.

Other than that, I am still stuck in a very hard place. It isn’t even between a rock and a hard place. It is seems like two non-movable places. I mean at least a rock will give eventually. Sometimes, it seems like the two hard places almost squeeze the life out of me. But I keep my head up and always look for the light. There has to be something good at the end of the tunnel right? Like a bulldozer. Haha. Yay for your imagination.

I think that is about all that is going on. Maybe the crocheting will make for a soft spot until the end of the tunnel…: )

Random Thoughts and Ideas.